if you are bored with your Notification panel then you can install the application called MAC Control Center

Basically, it customizes your quick setting and makes it beautiful and more attractive by increasing or decreasing the volume just like the brightness, and even you can access your favorite applications as well

know to set up this beautiful-looking control

 the center you just need to open the application and allow the basic permission that is required where you can also change the color of the tiles and you can even change the background wallpaper it is a great app and its free download, so definitely check this out links to all the application will be at the end of the article


Native Alpha:

what if could open all your favorite websites in full screen by simply converting them into web apps

For Example, if you want to read the article called Andriod Authority just need to tap on that app shortcut that you have created on your home screen it opens up on the full screen, Similarly, you can create different apps shortcut for the different web that you visit very frequently in a day. The app is called Native Alpha and all you have to do is just install and open it where you add your website link which you want to convert into an app. And the app will create an icon of the website on the screen and you can also give a specific name to it.

I think the app is extremely useful and it will definitely enhance your browsing experience.

The next App on this list is named Shift work.

Shift Work :

Basically, its a calendar application that helps you to keep all your drag work schedules that also super useful for those who like to organize their work and you can even customize it once you are done with your schedules then you can go to the analytics page where you can see how many hours did you work and how many money you have earned it has a very simple and clean interface that helps you to plan your schedule work. IF You are a person to keep all your drag work schedules then it has a must application for you.

The next is called a wallpaper


It’s an app that recently came across and it has more than 500 hundred unique high-quality wallpapers that will definitely make your haome screen stand out there are a bunch of categories that you can browse through just select the categories and make your favorite one I think it has amazing wallpapers

Access Dot App

Secure Your Phone. From app Using Mic, Camera, and Location || Access Dot App

 Some times you people don’t know which application access your microphone, access your camera, access your location but you never know about it. You might see the (iPhone 12 pro-Max) comes with an inbuilt feature. For any application which Access your microphone data, locations, and camera in the upper corner of the screen there are three different color small lights if some application access your microphone for this a specific color light is indicated, and also for the camera and location different color lights indicated.


This means that your phone instantly notifies you that the application you currently using access your microphone or camera and location, Gmail data e.t.c

This app is very highly useful you can also change or customize  the color of the indicator light simply by going to the app setting and can change the indicator appearance just like on the upper left corner and right corner

The second app on our list is “ who touches my phone “.The best security app is now available in the play store.

Who Touch My Phone :

One of the best applications is launched in the play store, the benefit of this application is for Example if you lock your smartphone and placed it somewhere and in your absence, if someone tries to open your phone the application will take the picture of the person who is trying to open your phone and will tell you that when you are not there someone is trying to spy your smartphone. For this, you simply open the play store and download the app called “who touch my phone” and it’s all done also it will show you the specific time also in minutes and seconds that who touch your phone at that time

The application will record those who will use your phone using the front camera in the background mode, invisibly for the user. You will see who, when and what did to your favorite device while it is not under your attention.

Reviews on the play store

1. Great app, you can turn it on or off so it’s not constantly on. You can have a code to get into the app and can customize what all it monitors, and unlock attempts, whether successful or unsuccessful plus it takes pictures. It also can tell you which apps were launched once it was unlocked. Very useful app highly recommend it.

  1. Really great concept! The app works fairly well, took a little tinkering to get the photos to work. I wish there was a way for the photos to have better night vision. Running pixel 6. There’s no flash on the front-facing camera. I’m not sure if Google’s night vision photo software works on the front-facing camera either. But at night without any lights on, this app is basically useless on the photo front. Still lets you know if somebody tried to access your phone, however.
  2. The app is amazing aside from the fact that the photo quality is really dark. Often I can’t see who logged into my phone. %99 of the time it’s me. I love the app. It does exactly what the dev(s) promised. If it is just my phone cam, I will change to a 5-star, but my phone takes really good photos (front and back cams). Thanks, devs for the amazing app. Ads are rare and everything is easy to use. I see a few people complaining about dark images and I agree. But overall, Great Job dev(s).

Clip Drop :

How to Use ClipDrop – Copy and Paste Real-Life Objects


This app lets you scan real-life basically it’s available for both Android and IOS phones its also available for computers and Pc.

You can also remove the background of any picture just with a click

objects with your phone cut them out and then let you drop them into your computer, it’s a copy and paste

How to use it step by step: BY CLIP DROP
To remove the background of a picture, go to clipdrop. co/remove-background, and upload your image. Clipdrop will remove the background for you, and you will be able to download your HD image for free.

To remove an object from a picture, go to Cleanup. pictures, upload your image, select the object, and download the result!

To remove a person from a photo, use the clip drop inpainting algorithm. Upload your image on Cleanup.pictures and get it back with the person removed. It’s free.

You can remove the watermark on any picture using Cleanup. pictures

To remove the background from an image, download the Clipdrop iOS app. The app will automatically remove the background, and your image will be saved to your phone’s camera roll.

To remove the background of a picture, download the free Android app Clipdrop (available on the Go)

Remove the watermark on iOS by selecting the “Cleanup” feature from the home screen of the clip drop app. The app is available for free on iTunes.ogle Play Store). This app will remove the background for you.

You can use clip drop. co/remove-background, to remove the background from your picture and upload it without the background in PowerPoint. It’s 100 free, even for full HD.


Click on the link below.




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