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 Gaming Mode-Game Boster Pro

How to fix PUBG PING/Any Other Game PROBLEM.

If your game is related to the internet working slowly and may face the problem of lag or If other apps on your phone disturb you during the game

If you want to solve this issue of lagging and play your game smoothly without any problems read them till the end beside all these problems if someone facing other problems related to this let me know in the comment box. I and my team will make sure to give a reasonable solution as possible.

A lot of people know about this app and are using it daily. Now I am gonna show you the Brilliant app called Game Mode (Available in the google play store). This article will cover how to fix, use, Enable, play, and much more interesting.

Pubg is a great game, it has some serious issues that keep people away. The most common issue is Pubg lag, which makes it difficult to play.



Gaming Mode-Game Boster Pro:

Game Booster Pro is an app that helps you play your favorite games without lag, bugs, or slowdowns. It works in the background and doesn’t require any additional software or configuration. This will allow you to play your favorite games at a higher quality and lower latency than ever before.

Game Booster Pro will automatically improve your experience in playing. It uses advanced network techniques to improve your connection, reduce lag, and give you better performance.

How to use :

This app is 9Mbs the rating of this app(gaming mode) is also good and 5 millions+ people downloaded this app you have to install the app( Gaming Mode) and open it then you will see the plus sign at the lower end of the screen corner it will show all the games you have in your phone and select the specific game which you want to improve the performance of the game e.g PUBG mobile and save it

Key Features :

The key feature of the Gaming Mode-game Boster pro app is when you select your game go-to game in the app inside you customized it according to yourself e.g

  1. Disable auto-brightness
  2. Change ringtone Volume up -down

3. Auto call reject block WhatsApp calls

4. notifications Blocking

5. you can also block the internet access for all other apps running in the background

And one of the Important things about this app is app is whenever you want to play the game you will play the specific game inside this app otherwise the features will not work

How to use ( Additional Setting)

 if the gamers want the games to perform faster than this without any lag and slow performance for this you have to go to your mobile setting scroll down your mobile setting just click on the additional setting select the developer option here you have to select the option called background process limit and will click on the background process with this process and setting your game will work faster and all the other will stop during the game will not use the internet data, processor, RAM

Your device all internet data, processor, and RAM will be available just for the game with this process you can play your game without lagging and slowing down and any app on your device will not disturb you during the game This is one of the best Brilliant and amazing app for the gamers lovers.

Install this app and take the benefits of this app and its features

Does PC have Game Mode. ?

Windows 10 Game Mode is designed to improve performance when gaming, However for slow computers ( a computer with relatively weak hardware and performance) it can help to maintain the frame Frequency in games even if your computer can not hold it.

If you want to play a new game on your old desktop computer and you also need a good performance of the game in your old PC .use the windows 10 game mode it will definitely work



It’s automatic and ad-free That’s a huge plus. AND it helps with the games that would normally be lazy to run smooth. It lowers ram usage from other apps and has the option to BLOCK notifications.  It allows you to decide whether you wanna be completely involved in whatever game you’re playing without interruption or just stay a little focused on the game.

Are Game boosters Effective?

Game boosters are a common feature in video games. They can provide temporary boosts or bonuses to help players advance in the game

My own review about Gaming Mode-Game Booster pro.

In a lot of phones there are in-built features of Game Mode from Company but not in each and every one. Guys, just a few days ago I downloaded this app from the google play store and I found it very useful. Actually, I will tell you about the full scene a few days ago I have uploaded the video on youtube one of my Subscriber tell me that when I uploaded my  video I get a Notification from youtube and I get killed in the PUBG due to which I get instantly the Idea of Gaming Mode to try I found it from play store and this app increases my Experience, so I think why not to share this app with you guys

( Gaming Mode-Game booster pro) is very useful for hardcore gamers I tried it and it doesn’t disappoint me a single time By opening the app you will see the Introduction which is the first page you will get features like

1. Disable Auto-Brightness :

Fret no more about your hand accidentally covering the ambient light sensor and lowering the device brightness during those epic game-play moments

2. Auto reject calls :

Gaming mode take care of unwanted calls and notifications so you don’t miss out on crucial boss fights

3. Clear background apps :

Automatically clears the applications in the background to free up more ram to get smooth and glitch-free gameplay giving you an edge over your rival gamers

And you get much more Stay tuned with us. Thank you

If you get any kind of problem regarding this app let me ask in the comment.

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