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where you can earn real money.

Streamkar is a live streaming app where you can go live and make friends online worldwide. It has 50+ million downloads on Google Playstore with 157k reviews and with a 4.3-star rating.

Latest Features:

1. spotlight: Show off your special skills to the world.

2. Joyful and addictive games like Ali Baba’s cave, treasure hunt, SK Derby and many more

How to Use:

when you install the app from the play store open it where you see the interface just like in the above image i took the screenshot from my device ,where you can link or create your account through facebook , google or Phone number but the best wayto creat is no you personal phone number (it will only for requirement purpose it will be always hide from the people )

Complete guidelines for new Host on Sk for streaming :

Streamkar is a live streaming platform that makes it easy for viewers to follow live events, such as conferencesStreamK is a platform that puts you in the stream while giving you the freedom, flexibility, and control to create your own live streaming channel and stream anywhere, at any time, on any device., sports, and music.

This complete guide on how to go live on streamkar app to help you get your first stream of numbers follows;

Making a broadcast is as simple as creating an account, picking a username, and starting to broadcast.

The below interface you get when creating your account.


Creating a live stream is a simple process that allows you to share your experience with the world. Signing up for an account, picking up a username, and broadcasting are all it takes to start your first StreamKar broad. You can also build your channel on the platform by selecting a background, choosing a theme, and adding text to your videos. When you’re ready, you can also start adding additional features to your broadcasts, such as polls, games, and trivia.

you can not start the life directly by installing the app ( Streamkar) to go live first you have to achieve level 3 by going to other broadcasting using a daily at least one hour and by getting followers level also increases If you won’t go live directly by installing the app connect with any agency in streamkar there are a lot of agencies, for example, Lahori Agency, blackzel malikjee, unknow Agency, Mahi Agency there are lots of agencies available in the app just contact them by texting then into the app the will ask you for your ID Card for some reasons and for payment process which you get.

you get your withdrawal on your bank account (Any)


what does Pk mean in live streaming?

when you start your broad ( live streaming ) downside the screen you will see the pk option when you are on it two different option will appear can start the match wild Random users or with your followers and friends, when you start the pk the battle will be strat screen will be split one with your camera and one with some other user (Girls or boys )
By winning the battle of pk you get the points and it is an important thing here, however your loved ones and followers will support you during the battle of pk or without battle by sending beans its own currency called beans which will convert to Money (dollars ) or PKR

How to apply for Agencies in streamkar :

For hosting you just need to link with any agency in streamkar application Because your payment will come through the agency, Moreover  you can not go live without Agency and level 3 so what will you do to start your hosting just see down below the go-live option  click on the apply for Live and then after this, you will see the interface where you can select the option  I have agency id you can do like this, for apply you need your ID card back and front photo make sure you take the photo of your id card from a distance so that it can fit in the box during filing  the form application and you can fill the basic requirements after uploading the ID card pictures

So here the question may arise what should I put in the Agency ID?

You can put the Agency ID like 13385, or Any agency ID you have linked with.

At last, you can click on the apply option and it’s all done now you can go live.


Valid Day and Basic Salary:

How you can know much much time you have done and how many gifts you received, however, the first thing is those people who are hosting in Streamkar app it is important to do  15 valid day and 40 hours in a month if you won’t do this also get a lot of gifts you will not get your salary you will only get a basic salary a little bit.

So how you can check how much time you have done and the gifts you received, simply go to your profile you can click on the total earnings where will see your all earnings like valid days, hours, and total gifts you received

About streamkar app:


StreamKar is an app that lets people stream live videos to anyone in the world.*

Streamkar is an award-winning music streaming app that provides an intuitive interface

Built by a team of developers with a common goal: to make streamkar better, faster, and easier to use.

Streamkar is a rich customer experience tool, composed of a chatbot, an assistant, and a data layer that allows streamkar to provide a dynamic, intuitive customer experience.

Streamkar is an app for live streaming where you can broadcast your video from your phone, tablet, or computer.

Block list , Mute use, Boot user:


sometimes the people on your live – broadcast may abusie you and may irritate you and you just want to get rid of this kind of people and you want to block them or mute them so that they never irritate you during the live so now how will this work just click on the name of the person on your broad after clicking his profile will appear from there click on the upper 3dots option you can set up setting like mute person boot person and as well as set as admin the set as admin has a function in which you can select your  best friend or agency friend or any other supporter so he will also mute and boot the person directly who irritates you but the block option is just for you .



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