How start Bussiness On Fiverr

Show your skills and get paid by customers.

❖ Fiverr is the entire world’s largest freelancing platform where you can sell your skills whether it is logo design. Business Cards, influencer marketing, web or site traffic, social Media design, related To SEO, voice-over, Flyer Design, Articles, and blog posts, architecture, and interior design, Research, and summaries, web programming, virtual Assistant, video Editing, website design, video marketing, Mobile apps, Articles writing, convert files, presentation design business plans, press releases, financial consulting, E-commerce Marketing, invitation design all freelancing combine in one platform

Filling up seller Profile .

▪ Welcome to the Business of billions Fiverr you are only one step away from offering your services to Fiverr community Now before you sell on Fiverr are required to set up and create your profile not only the talent it’s important to show your skills and certification Any medal and your education so let your buyer know more about you and much more

✓ 1st Add your Full name your name will remain private and will not be exposed to the public Fiverr community. uploading a profile picture is much important make sure it has your own picture to give a personal touch to your profile you can also upload the picture of the type of services you are offering it must be unique and real

✓ Add a description to let your buyer know your additional expertise or anything else you would like them to know.



✓ The More personal you are the more trust you have .select the languages you speak and your level of understanding

✓ Add your occupation and then let your buyer know your skills this skill can be gained through your previous or running job jobs hobbies or even everyday life.

✓ You can add up to 15.

Now if you didn’t find the right skills Fiverr is always welcome to suggest one and if they feel suitable they will definitely approve it

Describe your Education Background?

This is a great way to distinguish yourself even if your educational background doesn’t match your skills and directly the service you are offering

✓ Add your personal website URL. This information will remain private

  • Linked Account Section: verify and linked your account to google facebook, Dribble to add credibility to help to provide more business, and don’t worry this information will be not displayed publicly.
  • Your account security is important to Fiverr

setup your Account on Fiverr

Your Account /profile is.

  •  In which way do you represent yourself to the Community worldwide by visiting Fiverr for the solutions to their problems.
  • If you are a Mobile user you have to set up your some last steps Account from the computer or desktop

Creating your Gig

  • If You are looking to sell a service on Fiverr you’ll need to create a gig. makes it easy for you with a wizard-like interface that guides you through each step After you log in to your profile with your desktop remember you must create a gig on your computer or laptop, not on your cell phone then click on gigs and then click on create a new gig

On the gig creation page the first thing you need to do to fill out your gig title

  • Your title is how you represent your service, so it is important that the title is short, clear, and to the point

Video Requirments overview

One of the best ways to attract customers is to add a video

introducing your service. Add a personal touch to the service you provide. You must follow the Fiverr video guidelines

Adding a video of the services you provide is one of the best ways to attract buyers


1. Your video should be no longer than 75 sec long.

  1. your audio and video should be of good quality.

3. your video should be filmed in the landscape.

3. your video should be relevant service you are offering.

4. Fiverr also recommend that your video is original and is presented by you.

In addition please avoid contact information.

Fiverr accept the most popular video format including AVI, MPEG, and so on

If you follow these steps Fiverr makes sure you are on the road to success.

Offering Packages

This allows you to create 3 different complening bundles to sell on your gig page it’s a great way to give your buyers even more choice and to push up your order value higher

The different packages are

  • Basic e.g 25$
  • Standard e.g 120$
  • premium
  • The premium package is the most expensive package

How to maximize your Revenue?

Let’s get started well creating your gig you should invest time in thought in the pricing section in this example well go for the basic package after you add your essential details for your packages such as name, description, and delivery time you can select the upgrades to offer your buyers


 Custom Offers

If you are the seller and receive the msg from the buyers you have the option to send them a  custom offer sending an offer is the feature that allows sellers to be proactive and offer their services to potential buyers in customize manner.

Create an Offer

After you receive the message click  create an offer if you offer more than one gig select the relevant gig to describe your offer your deliver time the total amount of your offer the number of revisions you provide and the offer expiration time now if you received all the required information you can disable the gig requirements


  • Tips for success: How to rank the Fiverr gigs and rank them on the first page to get orders, I will tell you the unique way to help you get your gigs ranked and get orders from it. I will tell you about unique techniques you haven’t listened to before. These are the techniques that I made myself that will work on Fiverr.

The technique I will tell you is that your gig description is so important. If they find the description attractive, then they place an order otherwise, they didn’t because the description is the important factor in ranking  your gig





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