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In this era, everyone wants to make money either online or from the physical business. In this digital world, everyone wants to increase his/her wealth while having a rest. So, if you want to do that kind of work then “ClickASnap” is the website for you to be enrolled and make money. On this website, you have to capture pictures with your DSLR or mobile phone and have to upload that picture on “ClickASnap”.

Below are some important tips for you to make money on “ClickASnap”.

So, Let’s go for it:

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About clickasnap :

This website is not only for stock photography, it can take pictures and show it to its user which can be the reason for a website owner to increase their wealth. Instead, it is the website on which you get a share of the revenue generated by your picture. This website is a useful tool for the website owner as well as for the creator of the picture.

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“ClickaSnap” is a British company started in 2016 that has a large number of members. “ClickaSnap” is currently working in a picture market and it is planning to expand its business and go after a video market.

Below I’m going to tell you about the working of the website and also, I’ll give you some tips to maximize your money using your photographs.

Before going for a tip, it is very important for you that the photographs you upload should be your own. If it is found that you don’t own the copyright of the photograph then it will cause you to suspend your account from the website.

To avoid any serious action by the website against you, the watermark can be used while uploading a photograph. The website doesn’t allow to download or save your picture by someone else.

There are different kinds of memberships offered by “ClickASnap” from Free to £6 per month when you sign up and gives you different kinds of rights such as:


If you’re free user of “ClickASnap”, it means you have signed up on the website but you don’t have any right to earn from your photographs. As a free user, you would get unlimited photos storage area but limit to upload 7 photos per day.

Advert Free

In Ad-free version, you would unlimited storage for your photographs and you will be paid for your uploaded photographs. And in Ad-Free membership, you would be able to get faster browsing on “ClickASnap”.


On Seller membership, in addition to two previous memberships you would be able to sell your photographs as a product to your customer and also would get free digital downloads access.

Pro Seller

This is the membership for professional users. It gives an opportunity for maximum exposure and access. In addition to the benefits provide by previous memberships, you would get access to the following features:

  1. Promote your photos via social automatically 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  2. You can get 100 free credits which can be used on promotion.
  3. Post to the feed automatically using RSS
  4. Feature your photographs on the front page
  5. You can notify your subscribers using email when you upload a new photograph.
  6. Watermarkless access Image.
  7. Google Analytics

Spending a small amount of money, gives you maximum access and a variety of benefits. Out of all these benefits of Pro-Seller, it gives you the benefit of being featured on the home page which will ultimately maximize your profit.

Duration of Paid View

The photograph will be counted as a viewed when anyone views it for five or more seconds. A view can be internal or external, depending on your selling point. For this, you can drive traffic to your photograph by using “Search Engine Optimization” tools.

Earning Per View

“ClickaSnap” pays 0.7c per view of the photograph. Most of people get confused 0.7c with $0.7. So, to understand this calculation here is one example for you: if you paid 0.7c which is equal to $0.007 per paid view then to make $1 you need 143 paid views (1/0.007=142.8). This website allows you to withdraw your earnings when they reached to $15, which means that you need 2,142 paid views to withdraw your earnings, by getting paid 0.7c per paid view, it would be difficult to earn a higher amount of money than you would need a number of photographs to increase your earnings.

Reviews of Website

Sometimes the website gives you a hard time due to its slow processing speed. But the process of uploading is fast due to its AI system which scans the uploading and suggests keywords which is the most helpful tool for saving time. A good review of the website is that the website gets updated very quickly.

Techniques to Make Money on ClickASnap

As you know, everything has its own techniques to make it successful. So, in the case of “ClickASnap”, it has also some techniques which can help its users to maximize their earnings. Some of the tips are as follows:

  1. First of all, make sure your profile is 100% complete and have social media accounts i.e. Twitter and Pinterest to share your photographs there.
  2. Introduce yourself in your profile which prominently shows like where are you from and other significant things.
  3. Always add your profile photo and make sure to not forget to add a header/background photo. The background photo should be attractive enough and should be representative of your profile.
  4. Upload your photo with a title, so, those titles could be used of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  5. The description of the photo shouldn’t be less than 300 words as the longer the people stay on the photo to read the description, the chances of getting paid view will increase. (Remember paid view takes 5 seconds to consider)
  6. Always remember the quote “less is more”, which means that don’t upload more than 3 photos each day on a similar thing/topic. This will offend people by seeing similar photos.
  7. Always be social on a website, which means to contact people i.e. if you comment on someone’s photo he/she will get paid view and when they comment on your photo you will get paid view, and also, if you reply on the comment and get another comment, this would be considered as 2 views instead of 1. But be gentle that don’t copy other’s comments for your use.
  8. Make sure the quality of your photo is not compromised due to any reason. To ensure the quality of the photo, you need to upload a photo of 1200 pixels on the longest edge.
  9. Capture multiple photos of the same thing/topic and upload the best photos after proofing. You can use the album feature to keep similar photos under one roof.
  10. Try to use Pro-version that will allow you to use Google Analytics ID. This will help you to know where people are coming from and which of your photo is performing outrated.
  11. If you have other social media accounts and other stores, you can add links in the description. This will send the user to your other social media accounts. You can also link your social media accounts with your “ClickASnap” account.

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