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   Rave is a free Android and IOS application where users can watch recordings from Netflix, Disney+, YouTube, Amazon( Prime Video), and more while talking by text and voice in wonderful sync.

  • Rave is a free application on the two IOS and Android devices .
  • Notwithstanding, to go promotion free, its top notch membership is accessible for $1.99/month on Android
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watch Netflix , youtube , Disney+, prime video , HBO

  • Chat while you watch
  • Sync your music
  • Mix songs with rave


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  1. first thing make sure you and your friends both have Netflix subscription and you gona have to download called Rave.
  2. first open the rave app to sign in you’ll have either to Facebook , titter , Gmail or apple account
  3. you can join public streams and can add friends privately you want to watch movie with . You can choose your friends from your contact Facebook friends , if they don’t have the app yet it will like to invite them and share the link .
  4. when you select the movie to watch just play it you will se below the video the invite link tap on that link will be automatically copied then go ahead and message your friend with that copied link then go back to the rave app and wait for your friend to join
  5. you can now chat in the bottom bar while watching the movie or you can also use to microphone to hear each other talk
Enjoy the movie Together

Rave is made for watching on a cell phone, so look at our Netflix Party manual for perceive how to watch Netflix with companions on the web in the event that you’d prefer stream from your PC.

Step by step instructions to use the Rave application

Download the Rave application

Make an account with Facebook, Twitter or Google.

Add friends by tapping the menu symbol > Friends. Search your companions name to add them. You can send message welcomes to join Rave through the application, as well.

Conclude what you need to watch:

Click on the plus sign the base right corner of your screen to see your choices.

If the stage you have any desire to utilize if free, you can start the movie

For Netflix, you’ll have to sign in to your record

Press play on what you need to watch, and set the discussion board’s perceivability to private to confine the discussion to you and your friends

Downlaod on Pc

Rave permits you to download their application for Windows and Mac straightforwardly from their site. To introduce the application, follow these means

Download the .EXE document from Rave’s site.

Click on the downloaded document to start the establishment cycle.

When the Rave application is open, sign in utilizing your Google, Facebook, or Twitter account.

You can now get to Rave and every one of the web-based features viable with it including YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Google Drive, and Vimeo, alongside RaveDJ.

I would love to be able to say this is a good app for those who want to watch videos shows and movies with their long distance friends family or significant



Reviews by different users around the globe on the Google Play store:


  • Used to be an excellent app for watching videos with your friends you couldn’t meet up with. For the past couple of months none of the videos would play on the app. It would keep on loading despite having a fast internet connection. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app a couple of times but the issue remained the same. Sometimes, the video would play on my friends end but for me it would keep on loading. Please fix this issue soon
  • It’s good to have an app by which we can connect with our friends. I really appreciate it. But there is a lot of lag in the app while playing any video even with our high end phones. The interface lags, screen flickers every now and then. I request you to improve these glitches to improve the user experience.

2. Rave is an amazing app, I use it to watch movies with friends and loved ones across the country and world. It’s easy to use, and the interface of the app is easy on the eye and overall it’s quality is great. The reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 if because sometimes, freezing occurs when watching with others. As well as the mini player refuses to show video but the audio works great.

3.i would love to be able to say this is a good app for those who want to watch videos shows and movies with their long distance friends family or significant others but that wouldn’t be true. i have many complaints about this app. first of all, it has the tendency to crash extremely often. secondly, I use this app to watch Youtube videos with my friends but sometimes when we play them, the videos get cropped to the point that we cant see most of it. id have more to say but there’s a character limit

5.I really liked this app to create mashups but recently it doesn’t even make the mashup all I do is select the videos and it goes to the chat room but nothing is playing and it doesn’t even say the mashup is loading and its not because I waited in the room for 2 minutes and no progress was displaying or shown. Please fix this because it’s a good way to see if two song would weirdly work together

6.Great app but there a lot of missing features.. after changing your profile even though when you try to exit it asks if you want to exit without saving but there’s no option to save. Also the latest update seems to have completely ruined the app. No video rooms appear up even when I search for something and my friends list is empty.

7.The sounds of the videos are blurry. It seems like the app is recording my audio while i’m watching. I think that’s the reason why the sounds of the videos are blurry. Fix this.

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