How you can use Google meet for Video Conferencing

Google Meet  App

Now google meet is been available for little while specially if you have G suite account .So if you went to a school or if you work in a worked place that offer G suite account you can have already get an advantage of G suite and google meet , However google recently made a decision that google meet will be available to every one. So if you just a normal consumer you don’t go to school you don’t work for the worked place with G suite .You can now access Google meet and you can use it for video conferencing.


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  So why google make that decision of really to reasons. Now so many people spending all the time at home video conferencing is just sky rocketing and the big benefit of it is Zoom video Conferencing .

Now alot of companies like facebook and google like felt that a little bit like they are missing out on the action and all these companies now both google and Facebook rushing out products to make it so people ca do video conferencing very easily .


So Google decided to make google meet and Facebook working on messengers rooms . Zoom has a lot of completion coming and companies are hungry to provide good offering in the space.

Now with Google Meet what you can do?

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You can host video conferencing with up to  a hundered people, you can see people on the screen , you can share your screen . So it’s a very rich video conferencing offering and best of all it dosent require any insulation as long as you using your browser you could Google meet which is very nice thing.

About how to use it :

Alright jump into your pc what you gona do to use google meet you gona navigate through the website that’s the easiest way to use google meet or for mobile phone just download it from the

Google play store and once you are on google meet it’s a pretty simple interface you have few different option that you could do.

The 1st one is just simply by clicking on the start a meeting option or you could join the exisiting meeting code , So that’s the two ways to get into a meeting 

Now you might not one to just start the meeting right now because propably get people a heads up that the meeting is coming up.

  • So what’s happened next it start the meeting instantly

Before join the meeting microphone can be turned on & off by clicking the micro-phone also you can do that with the short key ( ctrl+D ) also you can do the same thing with in the camera on & off just by the click on icon short key ( Ctrl+E)

Welcome others to your web-based video meeting :

Send a connection or meeting code to anybody you need to join the meeting. For the no-cost rendition of Google Meet, visitors should make or sign in to a current Google Account to join.

Join a gathering ( Meeting ) :

Tap the gathering join from the welcome invite link , enter the gathering code from your host , or assemble into the conference involving the dial-in number and PIN in the welcome invite link .

 Utilize the Google Meet symbols :

Google Meet works with videoconferences by adding a few symbols to the dashboard of a gathering. There’re still such countless individuals that don’t know that several symbols can be a lifeline in a gathering, particularly assuming you’re

Mute option:

Enact the quiet capability in the event that your neighbor is trimming the grass or your kids are messing about or you are composing something while others are talking. It’s an extraordinary graciousness to the others in your gathering and you’ll limit reverberation for different members. The reason for the gathering isn’t that your associates find what you’re eating/bitingattempting to make it as proficient and smooth as could be expected.

Present to meeting

Assuming that you’re discussing a similar point and taking a gander at a similar report or website page simultaneously, use Google Hangout Meet’s show option. Click on the choices button (the three dabs) in the base right corner of the Meet application and quest for ‘present at this point’. There are several situations when you could utilize this component.

For instance when you’re onboarding another worker: as well as auditing organization strategies, you need to acquaint them with the intranet your group utilizes. You want to share the whole screen to do that, yet on the off chance that you simply anticipate keeping them in the program (regardless of whether you bounce from one tab to another), you can utilize the application window all things considered.

To ensure you just offer what you mean to share, present just a single window instead of your whole screen on the off chance that you don’t believe your partners should see every one of your tabs.

People in video conference and Chat :

At the top of the screen, you will see two symbols. Combination chat .The first lets you know the number of individuals that are at present in your gathering. Clicking it will show you who is joining in and on the off chance that they are muted or not. The subsequent one, is the visit choice. To share a particular record, connections and pictures or to type a remark, you can open the visit

component and type away. It’s additionally a simple apparatus to assist you with keeping an outline of inquiries being posed to by muffled members

have to you download it?

Yes, in case you want a secure , strong platform for big business meetings , Google meet is the various maximum dependable answers to be had proper now


  • Overall, even as it is able to encompass extra video for distinctive communities , this platform plays easily and reliably . it is a exquisite commercial enterprise device for remote places meetings and each day expert communication

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