The Cloud Storage For Andriod-Google Drive

What is Cloud storage(Google Drive) and how does it work?
  • If you are new to the google drive. Let’s start with what is google drive.
  • Google drive is free could storage solution , that features file storing , syncing and sharing across your device
  • if you ever created or read a google Doc that’s all part of google drive features

First of all, If you have google account like Gmail ,  Youtube account , google plus account all those will allow you to have access to the google drive.

website is and once you access the drive you can safelly store a bunch of files you can get 15 GB free for photos you can upload photos ,documents and much more .

  • You can keep your files safe because its only accessible  through your google account. Login with your username and password and that why the files are safe.
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About Google drive

 1. 15 GB free space

2. Buy storage if you have to store your organization data

3. You can get all the information about your file when its is uploaded modified file size and many more

4. You can directly share your uploaded file like your collage, customer and your friends through Gmail , What’s app and to other social media accounts

5. When sharing the file to someone you get different options if you select the option in the editor bar” make owner ” he has now full access to your specific uploaded file he/she can delete it or make changes or modified in that specific file only otherwise he/she will not be able to do so

How secure your google drive is?

The answer is ” Yes ” google drive is secure.

1. Isn’t it easier to steal information from cloud storage than from a premise drive?

And the short answer is no it’s not so that myth about the could is not true.

2. Don’t google employees have access to my data? and they read my email and my document etc does google read my data are very common ones that we still asked and that myth is also definitely busted!

The Google Actual statement about this :

The data that companies, schools, and government agencies put into google workplace does not belong to google. “whether it’s corporate intellectual property, personal information, or assignment, google does not own that data and google does not sell that data to third parties”

3. Someone can easily hack my Google drive data and access my google drive data.

It’s kind of your fault if someone broke into your account because it’s up to you google gives you the information and the tools really to secure your account but it’s up to you to make the account secure and it through the 5 steps to make your google drive as secure as possible

2 step verification and hopefully you heard of this mostly called 2 FA factor Authentication its 2 pieces of information to identify you and verify who you are and we always say that security is a balance between the security of your device or account and the ease of use or access to it, you could have a very simple password like 1234 but that wouldn’t make your account very secure and so 2 FA is the next layer of your security you log in with your password and but then you also require factor authentication you got the access through the phone via text

  It is proven that 2 FA is the best way to secure your account

And the next one is around sharing so obviously Google drive makes it super easy to share your information and that’s great but you also consider who your file sharing with, make sure to make your google drive organize and make it to share with the right people.

If you are in the business or organization we would highly recommend you to use google share drive and is a secure way to share your file of them to control them as people join and leave the organization

However, the next one is device security and this is the big one for us people can go to a huge amount of effort to secure accounts but then if you access google drive through your phone or Gmail account and you leave that account active and you don’t have got a password on your phone and your laptop indeed and then if that device is lost you’re giving away potentially access to that information and data it’s really important to think about device security because you are only strong as your weakest point so where the weakest point is and the link in the chain is that’s where someone is at risk of gaining access is to your account make sure your device security id also really high as well.


About Drive for Desktop

Drive for Desktop is Google’s desktop sync client that makes it easy to manage and share content across all devices and in the cloud. This application allows you to access your files and folders in a familiar location.

You can use your desktop drive to sync files between the cloud and your computer. Sync downloads files from the cloud and uploads them from your computer’s hard drive. After synchronization, the files on your computer will match the files in the cloud. If you edit, delete, or move a file in one location, the same changes will occur in another. The files are always up to date and can be accessed from any device.

Desktop drives allow you to manage the amount of local storage you use and the location of your content by configuring the drive to stream or mirror files and folders.

 Mirroring and streaming are two ways to synchronize files. In any case, any changes you make to the files on one device will be reflected everywhere. Mirroring saves files to the cloud and your computer. This occupies disk space. You can access your files at any time, even if you’re not connected to the internet or your desktop app drive is running. You can access the files from folders on your computer.











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