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I’m sharing in-depth canva Guide for beginners, and you will learn everything there is to know, to start Designing your own Graphics and whether you’d like to use it for Youtube, Instagram, other social media channels , it dosen’t really matter because canva offers a great variety of tools and it’s free to use as well. So after reading this blog you’ll know how easy it is to actually design with it.

And if you’ve not heard about canva, it’s a free design tool, completely brilliant. It’s got tons of different photos, element, and other graphics for you to use . So in the other words, a complete lifesaver in the content marketing world , Absoultely brilliant for any graphics that you want to design. Whether it’s for social media, website and blogs, whether it’s for any presentation cards, anything that of nature, canva will sort you out. So without further ado, let’s do it

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Create an account for free.

So we’ll start off with creating an account in canva and it’s completely free to begin with.

So you can sign in with:
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Email address
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There is a quite few different areas to help you to navigate.

Let’s start with the top right panel you have got your account (MK). So this is where you can kind change the account setting you can setup your profile photo as well, refer your friends and thing of that nature.


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Then there is a create design button, you got the setting in here the account settings well, there’s a help center. 

And one of the most important part is the search bar. Once you have signed up for free canva account, there are some difference between basic kind of free canva and canva pro.

Stay with the blog you will find in the end what difference it have.

But at this point we are talking about free canva account because this is the majority of people will use and need.


  • So the first thing we want to start off with is the top right corner, you can see the search bar and I have to say it’s one the quickest to find any templates, any different design with specific dimensions that you need to look for. So for example, if wanted to create quick Instagram post, I’ll just type in Instagram. And it will give me different options.
  • They have got story quiz, Instagram story, and more specific design for Instagram. So this is how you can just quickly kind of browser through what they offer and it’s a great way to find it without scrolling forever.
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 Oky so let’s start designing and there are three ways in which you can create a design .So you can see at the top right corner purpel button (create a design) and that’s propably the easiest quickest way .And this gets you to really blank kind of page. Where you can start designing whatever you want.

Then the other option is to search as shows before. So I would say youtube and ,If you want to create channel art. You just click on particular tab and it just displays  specific resolution for your design.

Again take you back to designing and the editor part. And the third thing is to obviously use the template from here. it is very similar to the one in search because the search bar shows you the template as well. I mean, not the specific templates, but shows you the resolution or if you go to your design and copy an existing design , just click , make a copy again.

Earn money with Canva :

You can use canva to earn money , you can do simple graphics designing , youtube thumb nails , intros , short videos , Instagram post , facebook post , facebook banners , documents , cover letters , ebooks etc you can design a lot of things very easily and through designing you can earn money.

Canva have already designed templates where you can only change the text and image and your design will ready with finger tips.

Suppose on canva you learned very perfectly  youtube thumb nails , infograpics . After this you can provide your services on any freelancing platform especially on fiever to sel it.

For Example if want to sell both these services on fiever who much you can earn so here are the list of those infrograpics designer who design with different rates.


You can set the rate according to your self.So simple gets skills with canva and sell on fiever and other platforms.

What are the fine Canva features?

Canva is crammed complete of capabilities however many are education unique. before entering into that it is well worth noting that Canva auto-saves. this is a extremely good function each for instructors and students as it method never disturbing about dropping paintings – some thing Google’s environment of gear has were given many humans used to.


even as the templates are amazing to make any presentation, poster, or picture have greater effect, there are powerful sub-equipment. The graph templates, as an example, are a awesome way to help in math and technological know-how training – bearing in mind unique results to be displayed in a clean visible and tasty way.


Canva for education is a effective feature of this tool as it allows teachers to setup a virtual classroom, invite students, and feature them collaborate on a mission. this will be used within the classroom or remotely, with the resource of a video chat tool as nicely. In fact, you may link Zoom and then gift display to share the slides with the class as you move.


remark additions are helpful with @ options, allowing indicators to be sent to the trainer. This we could students enquire approximately their paintings as they move, a good way to experience confident they are going the right way. a nice tool that’s particularly useful on this innovative area wherein college students are given a number of freedom and can from time to time feel a touch lost, specially when running remotely.


Canva helpfully offers unfastened on line publications to assist examine. there may be a selected Canva for the lecture room path(opens in new tab), that is a amazing manner to help instructors analyze the excellent approaches to paintings with the device.


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